Four Women and a Bottle of Vodka

When 3 friends in their forties travel to a tiny Indian hill-station for some much- needed catching up on each other’s lives and do some soul-searching, they suddenly face dilemmas, jealousies, insecurities … all in the shape of a handsome, young stranger that crosses their path. Their maturity goes for a toss and once again, they find themselves facing their years of youthful revelries.

Nothing brightens my day like a child and a book…

What with the Covid-19 and the little balls of energy stuck indoors, times seem to be pretty tough. Do take a look at these joyful creations that can bring a smile on their gloomy, little faces. They are perfect for children aged 4 to 8 years. If you like these colourful creations on Amazon, couldContinue reading “Nothing brightens my day like a child and a book…”