Nothing brightens my day like a child and a book…

What with the Covid-19 and the little balls of energy stuck indoors, times seem to be pretty tough. Do take a look at these joyful creations that can bring a smile on their gloomy, little faces. They are perfect for children aged 4 to 8 years. If you like these colourful creations on Amazon, could you kindly leave a review? It would help me greatly and inspire me to keep writing…:)

Happy reading with your little ones!

Halloween’s round the corner…. Find out what happens to Benny on Halloween!
With the the advent of October and the fall, runny little noseys, sniffles & sneezes are a common occurence but with some TLC from moms & dads, they will be up on their feet before you know it!

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Mother. Dreamer .Seeker Writer.

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