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The Inability to Give

[Exploring Narcissism – 1] From experience, narcissists abound the earth we walk on. Their superpower is, according to me, being able to read our needs accurately. Let’s admit it, we are all needy in various degrees. We crave true love, meaningful relationships, sexual contentment, money, social standing, respect, emotional security, financial gains etc. etc. The…

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Four Women and a Bottle of Vodka

When 3 friends in their forties travel to a tiny Indian hill-station for some much- needed catching up on each other’s lives and do some soul-searching, they suddenly face dilemmas, jealousies, insecurities … all in the shape of a handsome, young stranger that crosses their path. Their maturity goes for a toss and once again,…

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Writing is all about expressing myself. It would be fun to get know ‘YOU’, my readers and hear what you have got to say.

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