A debut novel..

My debut novel… it’s special.

Sun and Shandies

is a dream, a writer’s deepest moments disclosed. Writing is not so much what you think with your head, it’s more what you feel with your heart. That is why Maya’s story had to be told. Maya and Anton’s story. A romance gone wrong but then, who cares about perfection in a story?

In writing this novel, I have invested my heart and it feels good because I have written the stories that my characters have told me. I created them but they created their own narratives. Love stories are so much more than the happenings between two characters, and just like the others, mine is complete with love, loss, grief, smiles, resilience and above all, being genuine and being human.

I do hope you read this book and feel the love that I felt while penning down their story. If this love that I felt transmits to you, my…

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